St. Luke’s Network of Care 2020 Numbers

Quality Measures

Year after year, St. Luke’s Hospital is nationally recognized for superior clinical quality and patient care. St. Luke’s has earned multiple awards in numerous specialties based on clinical quality data and patient satisfaction. Specific quality data measured and reported to state and federal government further demonstrate St. Luke’s commitment to quality.

For a full list of our awards, visit our patient experience page.


St. Luke’s continues to be a leader in preventing readmissions, as evidenced by its 30-day readmission rate of Medicare patients being lower than the national rate. St. Luke’s Hospital’s 30-day readmission rates for heart attack, heart failure, pneumonia and after coronary bypass and total hip and knee replacement procedures, and St. Luke’s Des Peres Hospital’s rates for pneumonia and after chronic obstructive pulmonary disease are all less than the national average.

Patient Statistics


St. Luke’s Network of Care
Utilization Summary Fiscal Year 2020

Inpatient and Observation Patients






Outpatient Registrations


Emergency Visits


Urgent Care Center Visits


Home Health Visits


Hospice Days of Service


Surrey Place Average Residents per Day


Statement of Operations

Operating Results

St. Luke’s operating loss for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2020, was $17,230,000, representing an operating margin of (2.6) percent. Net loss for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2020 was $330,000, representing a total margin of (0.5) percent. Total revenue was $673,000,000. The losses were the direct result of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on hospital volumes.

St. Luke’s reinvests positive financial results back into the organization to continuously improve and expand the excellent care to patients and the community by recruiting and retaining quality staff and physicians, investing in new technology and capital improvements, growing and expanding services and progressively making changes required by healthcare reform. St. Luke’s positive financial results in prior years and strong balance sheet, together with the support of the community and the federal CARES Act, helped our hospitals through the financial challenges presented by the pandemic.

Community Investment

As a nonprofit organization, St. Luke’s is committed to its mission of improving the health of the community. In fiscal year 2020, St. Luke’s provided unreimbursed services to patients costing $20.1 million in the form of charity care and Medicaid discounts for uninsured and underinsured patients, helping individuals in the community access medical care regardless of their ability to pay.

St. Luke’s has also had a long-standing commitment to providing preventive healthcare and treatment to medically underserved and underinsured children in the St. Louis region. The St. Luke’s Pediatric Care Center has provided care for children from birth to age 18 for over 60 years. Full-time primary care physicians provide preventive care and medical treatment, ensuring children have access to quality healthcare. Located in North St. Louis County, the Center provided care through 4,471 patient visits. For more information about the Pediatric Care Center, please visit

Community Outreach

As a leader in clinical and community education, we offer a wide range of health and wellness education opportunities to the community, with many free and low-cost programs available. In years past, more than 48,000 people would participate in healthy living classes and events, screenings, worksite wellness programs and clinical education through St. Luke’s. However, beginning in March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic shifted our community outreach events from in-person to virtual almost overnight. In order to continue to provide health education to our community safely, we offer a variety of free online programs including meditation, exercise classes and nutrition classes.

Spirit of Women

St. Luke’s Spirit of Women program also offers special events, health screenings and health resources. As the region’s exclusive Spirit of Women hospital since 2008, St. Luke’s is part of an elite network of hospitals nationwide committed to providing leading health services and education to empower and inspire women and their families to achieve their best health. One of the program’s annual signature events, Day of Dance, reaches more than 1,000 women with important health messages, screenings and encouragement to be physically active.

2020 St. Luke’s Hospital Day of Dance:

  • 1,000+ women attended
  • 267 Personal Health Risk Assessments completed
  • 180 free health screenings provided (blood pressure, BMI, cholesterol, glucose, A1C, pulmonary function, stroke risk assessment)
  • 84 physician referrals
  • 82% reported they were motivated to take action for their health after attending the event by initiating or continuing a fitness activity, having a recommended health screening, or by making an appointment with a healthcare provider.

Passport to Wellness (PTW)

St. Louis began partnering with area employers to offer Passport to Wellness in 2005. Currently, we are working with more than 175 St. Luke’s area employers, ranging in size from 30 to 4,500 employees, to bring health screenings, flu shots and education. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, St. Luke’s shifted the Passport to Wellness (PTW) program from onsite to virtual in a short period of time beginning in March 2020. Web-based tools were leveraged to support employer partners in an effort to bring health and wellness information and opportunities to their employees. Supporting employees working from home, the PTW program utilized e-learning opportunities, and virtual lunch n’ learns. Our team also provided temperature check programs that assisted in business re-openings.

Community Health Needs Assessment

Promoting health and wellness in our community has always been central to St. Luke’s mission. In order to better understand where the community stands on important measures of health, and to engage community members directly in providing feedback on our priorities, St. Luke’s conducts a formal and comprehensive Community Health Needs Assessment every three years. Based on those findings, our team can better understand trends in health status and can formulate systematic strategies to address the most pressing needs. St. Luke’s Hospital’s 2019 assessment identified four priorities: diabetes self-management, health literacy and cultural competency, opioid use disorder and access to care for older adults. St. Luke’s Des Peres Hospital identified access to care and nutrition and weight status as priorities for its Community Health Needs Assessment.

Our implementation plan with measurable goals addresses these specific priorities, while hospital efforts continue to address a wide variety of community health needs and to collaborate with other community resources.

The following outcome measures were reported in the 2020 fiscal year, addressing the 2019 Community Health Needs Assessment priorities:

Chronic Disease and Diabetes:

  • 305 community members attended community diabetes education classes to improve their understanding of risk prevention and/or diabetes management
  • Over 6,100 adults were screened and counseled for BMI, blood pressure and cholesterol/glucose levels

Cancer Screenings:

  • St. Luke’s Mobile Mammography Van screened over 2,353* women
  • 658* high-risk adults were screened for lung cancer by lung cancer screening coordinator, resulting in 12 new lung cancer diagnoses and one with a recurrence of lymphoma.

*Due to COVID-19, mammography van site visits and lung cancer screenings temporarily discontinued in March 2020, resulting in lower than average numbers.

The full 2019 Community Health Needs Assessment is available at

People – Team and Leadership

Medical Staff

Patients have access to over 900 physicians in more than 60 specialties at St. Luke’s acute care hospitals and more than 30 other locations in the greater St. Louis area. In the past year, 50 physicians were added to our overall network of care, representing primary care and specialists.

Within the medical staff, St. Luke’s Medical Group is a physician organization of 147 physicians. Last year, 14 new physicians joined the group, including internal medicine and various specialties.

Volunteers and Auxiliary

The St. Louis region’s spirit of voluntarism is witnessed each day in the work of 370 individuals who give generously of their time and talents as volunteers at St. Luke’s Hospital, St. Luke’s Des Peres Hospital and Surrey Place. Volunteers provided nearly 60,000 hours of service last year across our network of care, and more than 100 in this group have achieved 500 to 15,500 service hours. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our volunteer program was temporarily suspended in mid-March, yet resumed by early June. Ray Warrick, a volunteer of seven years with more than 2,100 hours of service, was the recipient of our Virginia B. Pree Distinguished Volunteer Award in recognition of his exemplary work as a volunteer in our Materials Distribution Department.

Many of our volunteers are also members of the St. Luke’s Hospital Auxiliary. The Auxiliary operates the hospital’s Gift Shop and leads a number of other initiatives throughout the year to support our healthcare ministry. The Auxiliary donated $133,000 in 2020 from Gift Shop sales and other fundraisers. These funds enabled purchase of equipment for St. Luke’s Heart and Vascular Institute, Emergency Department, and Center for Cancer Care, and also supported our Gary Olson Employee Crisis Fund and sponsorship of our Daisy Awards for Nursing Excellence.


4,750 employees

443 with 25 years or more of service

93 with 40 years or more of service

Board of Directors

Daniel K. Stegmann, Chairman
David B. Price, Jr., Vice Chairman
Edward L. Glotzbach, Treasurer
Norman L. Eaker, Secretary
Sharon Harvey Davis
The Rev. Dr. Craig M. Howard
Kendall A. Itoku, MD*
Ned O. Lemkemeier
Cynthia A. Maritz
Joseph J. Pandolfo**
Robert W. Reeg
Susan B. Schneider, MD
Hugh Scott, III
Joseph A. Sheehan
The Rt. Rev. G. Wayne Smith***
James M. Snowden, Jr.
Jeffrey Thompson, MD****
Eugene M. Toombs

*President of St. Luke’s Hospital’s Medical Staff
**Ex Officio, President, Friends of St. Luke’s
***The Rt. Rev. G. Wayne Smith announced his retirement as Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Missouri in April 2020 and was succeeded by the 11th bishop, the Rt. Rev. Deon K. Johnson, on June 13, 2020.
****Past-President of St. Luke’s Hospital’s Medical Staff

Senior Staff

Christine M. Candio, FACHE*
President & Chief Executive Officer, St. Luke’s Health Corporation

Gary Olson**
Interim President & Chief Executive Officer, St. Luke’s Health Corporation

Scott H. Johnson
Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, St. Luke’s Health Corporation

David Loving
President, St. Luke’s Des Peres Hospital

Diane Ray, RN, FACHE
Senior Vice President, Network Chief Nursing Officer & St. Luke’s Chief Operating Officer

Jon Bettale
Vice President, Surgical & Ambulatory Services, St. Luke’s Hospital

Gretchen Blake, MSL, BS-BQM
Vice President, Network Quality, Patient Safety & Medical Staff Affairs

Martha Fleischmann
Vice President, Network Finance

Jan Hess***
Vice President of Network Integration and Professional and Administrative Services

Gregory Hudson
Network Chief Strategy Officer

Sharon Mertzlufft
Vice President/Executive Director, Network Development, Marketing and Community Affairs

Scott Holtswarth
Vice President, Network Chief Information Officer

Don Miller, FACHE
Vice President, Network Facility and Support Services

James Snider
Vice President, Physician Network

Janette Taaffe
Vice President, Network Human Resources

Maged Haikal, MD
Network Physician Liaison & St. Luke’s Hospital Chief of Medicine

Michael Boland, MD
Chief – Department of Surgery, St. Luke’s Hospital

Ronald Leidenfrost, MD
Chairman – Heart and Vascular Institute

Carl A. Mazzola, MD
Chief – Department of Radiology, St. Luke’s Hospital

Daniel G. Wagner, MD
Chief – Department of OB/GYN, St. Luke’s Hospital

*Christine M. Candio, FACHE, served as President and CEO until April 1, 2020
**Gary Olson returned to serve as Interim President and CEO from March 18, 2020 – Present
***Jan Hess retired on May 15, 2020

St. Luke’s Hospital Department Chiefs of Service

Michael Boland, MD
Department of Surgery

Roy Doerhoff, MD
Department of Anesthesiology

Maged Haikal, MD
Department of Medicine

Carl Mazzola, MD
Department of Radiology

Jeffrey Melnick, MD
Department of Pathology

Daniel Wagner, MD
Department of OB/GYN

Janet Ruzycki, MD
Department of Pediatrics

St. Luke’s Des Peres Hospital Department Chiefs of Service

Alan Martin, MD
Department of Emergency Medicine

Kyle Toti, DO
Department of Family Medicine

Kenneth Bentley, MD
Department of Internal Medicine

Weldon Schott, DO
Department of Pathology

Gregory Cizek, MD
Department of Radiology

Michael Chabot, DO
Department of Surgery

St. Luke’s Des Peres Hospital Advisory Board Members

Richard Barnes, DO
Greg Brown
Greg Cizek, MD
Tim Jones
Zoe Linza
Barry Miller, DO
Karen Mize
Lloyd Todd
Hardy Washington, Jr.

Medical Residency Programs

St. Luke’s Hospital Internal Medicine Residency Program

St. Luke’s Hospital offers a Residency in Internal Medicine program, which is accredited by the ACGME for 45 residents and participates in the Clinical Learning Environment Review (CLER) program, which assesses the learning environment in residencies to identify and prevent errors. This past year, the program included residents from the United States and 17 other countries. Residents gain experience through rotations on inpatient medicine and various specialties, including cardiology services, ICU and emergency department services at St. Luke’s. The program’s affiliation with Saint Louis University School of Medicine allows residents to take electives in a university-based academic setting. Outpatient ambulatory training is largely focused on People’s Health Center, a public health clinic serving the underserved population of St. Louis City. There are additional outpatient experiences at St. Luke’s Hospital, where residents work with internists and subspecialty physicians.

The residency program is overseen by a program director, two associate program directors, a program secretary and a program coordinator. More than 100 physicians contribute to the teaching mission as full and part-time faculty.

St. Luke’s Des Peres Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program

The St. Luke’s Des Peres Family Medicine residency program achieved initial ACGME (Accreditation for Graduate Medical Education) accreditation in 2019 after being accredited by the AOA (American Osteopathic Association) throughout its history. The ACGME and AOA finalized the goal of a single pathway to accreditation for all GME programs in 2020. The program’s 12 residents gain experience through a number of daily, weekly and monthly didactic experiences including Journal Club, Reading Club, Grand Rounds, Board Review, STFM Core Curriculum, conferences and research methodology. Program leadership and core faculty education are provided by St. Luke’s Medical Group physicians at a busy outpatient primary care practice, and other requirements are addressed through clinical rotations with specialists throughout the St. Luke’s network.

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